The Nebulae is an exercise in Speculative Design. A narration set in a world doomed by very real problems, extreme ideologies, and comical egos. A pot on the verge of boiling over.

The results of this exercise are a short film, different wearable objects, and a zine.

I highly recommend reading the zine above to garner a further insight into the research and thought process of the project. Here is a downloadable link. 

The Nebulae is an environmental political organization. They are classified as far-left and have strong ties with the Antifa movement in Northern Europe. Focusing heavily on direct action to avoid a climate catastrophe, the group is known for extreme actions and ecoterrorism.

The Nebulae believe they can genetically prepare their bodies for extreme weather and climate through cold therapy, and an Omega-3 rich diet. Thus they go through extreme lengths to acclimate their bodies, for future offsprings. 

The shoes and sunglasses I fabricated and built myself.

The shoes are fully functional, 3D printed from Thermoplastic Polyurethane.

The sunglasses are made from PET-G, and the lenses were cut by Gylfi and Anna Þóra in Sjáðu - the leading optician store in Iceland.